You can make your prepress department more profitable.

Used to be that printers relied on prepress services to provide them with print ready film. You had typesetters, a camera and paste-up department, a scanning department, proofreaders, & color proofing services.

With the advent of true desktop publishing, many printing companies created their own in-house prepress departments. Each printer duplicated the same departmental formula; prepress operators, a systems guy, film/plate output devices, scanning hardware, and imposition/trap software. They all bought the same computers and application software, updating every 1-1/2 to 2 years to keep up with their clients.

That's an expensive model for smaller print shops, especially with the squeeze on printing profits.

Here's a radical idea: The "old model" is new again.

Think of us like "Cloud" computing (which is now the cost-saving rage). We're a pool of resources you can simply dial up when you need it: Preflighting, proofreading, trapping, formatting, kerning, color correction, retouching, even full page layout from copy - pay only for what you need and no more. Your work is done by experts.

With broadband internet and fast delivery (for non-digital items), using an outboard prepress house can make sense.

A "risk-free test drive" offer: 50% off your first job

So you can try this new model, we'll give you 50% off your first job. Really. Call us.

Whatever your tolerance is for "letting go" of that in-house control, we're confident that we will earn your basis for trust. You will be happy . . . and we will be happy!

Here are other ways that using a prepress service can save you money:
  • Reduce your payroll overhead.
  • No more vacation down time or scramble for in-house vacation coverage.
  • No medical insurance.
  • No overtime.
  • No sick days.
  • No computers to purchase.
  • No more updating software
A final thought: We’ve been there. We know the demands of printing and pride ourselves on our reliability and quick turnarounds.