The CP 2 Story: A Short Version, slightly embellished

CP2's owner Pete Giarratano had a fascination with blocks as a child. He accumulated different block styles and sizes in order to make creations that actually helped other children learn their letters and form words. He was highly sought after for play dates even before pre-school.
kernIn grade school, unlike other children who colored outside the lines, Pete's penmanship was often mistaken for typed copy, bringing him accolades for his homework but detention when teachers suspected he smuggled in a typewriter for his pop quizzes.

In high school he helped with banners, yearbooks and anything printed. It's rumored he once field stripped and instantly repaired a mimeograph machine that stopped working before a particularly heinous test causing him scorn by fellow students and praise from the evil Vice Principal.

College brought more progress and bigger achievements, including the successful frat prank (still talked about in Illinois type circles) involving a herd of Angus cows sporting large san serif lettering on their sides spelling out "Mayor Daly is a crook."

Moving West first to L.A. and the object of rumors alleging that he fixed the kerning on the famous HOLLYWOOD sign, Pete eventually found happiness in Northern California, the land of opportunity and plentiful typefaces.

He now is President of CP2 Color, a prepress house based in Rohnert Park, CA.