The CP2 Story: A Longer (less fictionalized) Version

From Pete G: "CP2, like many things in life, is an accumulation of our past experiences. I'll describe some of the pre-press production stops along the way to CP2 Color with a few comments."

Aldus Type Studio, Los Angeles:
This was my first stop and was well before the days of computer typesetting. We coded type (much like HTML) without the benefit of visual position feedback. Lucky to have this my first stop in prepress, the owner Art Paquette created a workflow system that no one else has been able to approach in terms of quality control. Salespersons in my subsequent stops would always inquire, "Why won't Aldus customers talk to me?" to which I'd reply "They never make mistakes!". During my tenure at Aldus the sales force numbered ZERO. It opened my eyes to the fact that quality and service can drive sales and an open mind to employee suggestions can work wonders.

Andresen Typographics, Los Angeles:
I became production manager of a small team of 9, dedicated to producing print for one account at breakneck speed. Of course, today, the same work could be produced by two people in the same amount of time. Failure was not an option and we learned how to overcome nearly all obstacles. Back-to-back 20 hour shifts were not uncommon. Although exhausting, it was the most fun work experience, a great learning experience of how a bonded work team can create what others find impossible.

Andresen Typographics, San Francisco:
Breaking into the San Francisco prepress market came with worries as we were non-union and feared push back from the union shops. It never materialized as the unions were well into their decline. Production managing in a new market was exciting. We were able to grow despite the scarcity of work in the mid- 80's. We survived the earthquake - the Roundhouse on Embarcadero and Sansome where we were based was built to withstand the worst.

Pacific Digital Image:
Being in production and production management of this new company was a privilege. We grew at an astounding pace. I learned that well thought out sales can drive a company. The opposite of Aldus, but just as effective. I'd describe the production atmosphere as "controlled chaos", but it worked!

Color Paramount:
Craig Hansen, Paul Smith, & I embarked on ownership of a small boutique prepress and color shop in sleepy Petaluma. It enmeshed me into the world of color, color control, and how to assist clients in successfully getting their files to press. I learned that 3 captains steering a ship (in different directions) will leave it stranded.

Does "Color Paramount Two Point O" come to mind? Here we are, still assisting clients and enjoying the loyalty of past clients. The best part of this incarnation of Color Paramount is being able to become "partners" with our clients in producing their final product. I no longer think of them as customers, but more as family members whom I'd do anything to help.

The journey continues