We offer a lot of services based on our decades of experience in the printing and prepress fields.
Not everyone needs everything we do. So we let you pick what you need so you can control costs.

Preflight: We check for the usual suspects. Colors, fonts, image resolution and color mode.
Proofreading: Two reads by two different readers. Or more upon request. (Our famous Red Alert Action Typo Team). You can be the typo hero.
Kerning: We offer expert typography backed by decades of experience. We’ll kern and rag to perfection.
Page layout: Give us a rough comp and we’ll typeset your job.
Pre-ripped and inspected files: We rip your files before submission to check for color separations, element alignment & postscript anomalies.
Trapping: Rich black stay-aways and appropriate chokes and spreads. Alternatively, you can control the end result by using your own trap software with our untrapped files.
• File format: Whatever works best for you. PDF X-1a, Postscript, or native, we speak them all.

____________________You be the hero. We’ll do the work.

A bit more:

You can feel safe and secure about your prepress with us.

We’ve “been there” (see the CP2 story). We know the demands of printing, the cost of bad prep and we pride ourselves on our accuracy, reliability and quick turnarounds.

If you're a printer, agency or design firm, client contact is entirely under your control. We welcome as little or as much as you want.

We also offer free technical advice on files which can be channeled through you or directly to your client.

We really do value friendliness. There are times when we all buckle down to get things done, but it’s good to laugh a bit after the crunch, yes?