Many of our customers ask us for retouching services. Here are before and after images. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle,
we do retouching for images from web sized images to billboards. Here are some things we've done.

Changing a wine label without reshooting:
This ended up on a billboard (high rez).

In addition to the called out changes, we made a shift to the color of the true label, added some bubbles and cleaned up the interior of the green bottle. We probably would have done more, but it was a tight deadline. Cheers!

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Moving country borders without a shot being fired:

The client felt there was too much extraneous information on the original map and wanted something less distracting. There was copy in the final version that wrapped around the map regions outside the border giving it a nice, integrated look. Hey, where'd the bird come from?

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Adding real estate and taking out a dot com.
This was a full page magazine ad in final form.

Damn copywriters! They wrote waaaaayyyyy too much copy, so the photo needed to be horizontal and not a square. So we grew trees, shadows and green fields. is a real website, so we took them out.

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Matching a face, adding a texture, integrating a product
This is a "case stamp" - a printed piece that goes on each case of sparkling wine.

The client didn't know their typeface, but wanted to match it. They loved a certain texture. So using their typeface and incorporating the two textures (shot with a digital camera), we created a banner for behind the bottle. What a fun case!

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We'll be adding samples in the future, but if you've got a retouching project, give us a call. We're good, we're fast and we seem to charge less than others for high quality work.