Workday Schedule 2019

We alternate weekend days month to month, starting on Sunday this year.

Workdays start at 10am and we break at noon for a potluck BBQ. We encourage all gardeners to help, even if they can only come for part of the workday. Plus, they're fun and you meet other gardeners and share info and stories.

January 6 (Sunday)
February 2 (Saturday)
March 3 (Sunday)
April 6 (Saturday)
May 5 (Sunday) 
June 1 (Saturday)
July 7 (Sunday)
August 3 (Saturday)
September 8 (Sunday) 
October 5 (Saturday)
November 2 (Saturday) - Special Pruning Day with Merritt Pruners, woo too
December 7 (Saturday)

Steering Committee Meeting Schedule 2019

Every other month on Tuesdays at 7:00pm
Current location is at Andronicos at Irving and Funston, in the cafe
(All members invited)